Our Process


Our custom home building process is unlike any other in the Omaha area. Our authentic, individualized, one-of-a-kind, high-end custom homes, additions, renovations and home remodeling projects are designed and constructed specifically for you. We custom design your home based on factors others don’t consider: your lifestyle, how you entertain, and how you relax, the characteristics of your lot, and how to make the best use of all those factors.

Our process begins with Steve Huber, who visits with you, gets to know you, listens to your vision and learns how you want your home to live. He builds an understanding of your needs and helps translate those needs into other aspects of the process. We want our clients to share their want lists so that we, in return, can help them envision the cost of those lists.

The process then includes our Design Team, which covers the logistics like number of rooms, size, and style of the home. They, like Steve, put the home to paper—drawing “the old fashioned way.” Often times, the Design Team works with you through private Pinterest boards to help transform your inspiration and ideas into design. The Design Team also assists you when you grow and change to create additions or renovations that continue the style of your home.

Then the process moves to Craig Linnenbrink, Vice President of Construction. Craig’s unique background in drafting, as a superintendent, and in estimating allows him to understand the entire process as it moves into construction and into the future. Project management is critical throughout the construction process, and our construction team’s reputation has attracted and maintained the best and highest skilled subcontractors and specialists. If at any time you want a site walk-through, your superintendent is happy to welcome you and serve as a resource on-site.

Throughout the process, our clients see excellence in all that we do, for the written, well-defined plan that ensures you always know where we are in the process to what’s expected of you and, of course, what you should expect from us.

Curt Hofer & Associates sees each client as someone with which we will develop a long-term relationship. Because of some projects’ intricacies, we sometimes work with clients for years developing their #someday. And since your Curt Hofer & Associates custom built home is a true original, we also offer a home service and warranty program to help you maintain the dream home we’ve helped you build…for years to come.