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More than thirty years–that’s a long time. Enough to see fads come and go, families grow, and the opportunity to build homes that are everything our clients imagined they would be. During that time, Curt Hofer & Associates has become the area’s most-respected high-end custom home builder.

We’ve done so by remaining true to our belief that great homes don’t just happen. Great custom homes are the result of a process that is built by people and their talents–whether your project includes a new custom home, home remodeling project, or addition.

We have learned throughout the years to listen to what our homeowners want–and we have learned what they want more than anything is a partner who will listen and invite participation in this custom home building process.

Find out what our clients already know–there’s nothing like a Curt Hofer & Associates custom built home.


Curt Hofer

Founder & CEO

More than 30 years ago, Curt Hofer founded the company that continues to bear his name. From the very beginning, he earned a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, service, integrity, and innovative thinking that continues to this day. He has delighted clients with an approach that makes their input an integral part of the company’s success in the creation of homes that are unlike any other.

Steve Huber


One of the first to join the Curt Hofer & Associates team, Steve Huber has never looked back. "We’ve been fortunate to take part in projects that have allowed us to demonstrate our true capabilities. Today, we fill a niche that no one else can." With his ability to apply his unique perspective in custom home building that encompasses all the critical elements, from site selection and development to design, construction and budgeting, Steve helps projects to move forward in the direction the client wants to go.

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Craig Linnenbrink

Vice-President of Construction

For more than a decade, Craig Linnenbrink has played an integral role at Curt Hofer & Associates. Ensuring projects stay on budget and on time, Craig remains responsive to each client’s particular needs. "We build friendships – not just homes."