Apr 4, 2016

The modern day home entryway

The modern day custom-built home entryway is in constant flux from an architectural design standpoint. Fundamentally, it’s the space that separates the front exterior of the house from the interior. But how it looks and feels is what is forever changing.

traditional entryway

Entryways, Traditionally

The entryway has been much more than where you enter the home. It’s often been the place for a coat closet, a hard floor landing, and a grand staircase. It’s the place where you leave the public world and enter the more intimate, private one. During the Victorian Era, the entryway was where guests would leave their calling card. It was viewed as a reception area of sorts for when the homeowner wasn’t home or available. Many entryways were also parlors of sorts, where you could both receive guests and entertain them. And, of course, the entryway was built around the traditional grand staircase.

exterior entryway

Entryways, Modernized

While we still design gorgeous staircases for our clients, we’re seeing a trend away from the traditional grand staircase. There are many reasons, but what we see most is that our society has become more casual. Clients want the entrance to be more grand–open and inviting. There still might be a staircase, but it’s not the main focal point of the entryway, as in the following Curt Hofer & Associates custom built home:

home entryway

The custom-built home entryway of today

The idea of the expansive view when entering a home is a trend we see as well. Clients ask us to design wide open, large entryways for welcoming guests during entertaining, like you see here:

great room, custom built home entryway

A more casual society is also calling for a more casual backdoor entryway. The “service” entryway is becoming more functional because it’s being used much more by friends. Therefore, it’s being designed more nicely than in the past. Because of our “backdoor friends”, the service or backdoor entryway needs to be organized, clean, have natural light…and that is where the staircase is!

service entry

We’re listening to our clients who are building homes with side-load garages (like the one pictured above)–they want a side entrance that comes into a service entryway–more people are using that now and its design needs to be considered more heavily than before.

Final thoughts

There will always be an entryway–it’s just the design that will constantly evolve. Our clients who are building custom-built homes are having to consider how they entertain, how they welcome, and how they themselves enter and leave their homes. The history of the entryway will forever influence the entryway…just in a more modern world.

custom built home entryway