Nov 29, 2016

Systems-Built vs. Custom-Built Homes

Systems-built homes are one type of what’s commonly known as pre-fabricated homes. The term “pre-fabricated” can describe many different types of homes that are manufactured in a controlled environment. At one end of the pre-fabricated spectrum are modular homes, which are almost entirely built in a factory and brought out to the building site in large pieces, where they are then secured to the foundation. At the other end are systems-built homes, which generally have studs and wall panels built offsite and then put up and secured to the foundation. Most types of pre-fabricated homes are built from standardized designs.


It is becoming more common to find higher quality pre-fabricated homes, especially on the east coast or even in Colorado. However, since these pieces are generally put together in a factory, the buyer is not always able to inspect or change the material. Even when the construction is high-quality, damage can sometimes occur when the pieces of the home are moved to their final location.

Curt Hofer & Associates uses talented framers to build our large, complex homes from scratch, which ensures high quality. Since these homes are built on site, damage from traveling is not an issue. Furthermore, you will be able to see all of the material and ensure that it meets your quality requirements.

omaha custom built homes


Systems-built homes generally come from a standard layout design but can often be customized. However, customization is generally limited to a “menu” of options. One thing to keep in mind if you are considering a systems-built home is that customization increases the cost of the home. This often means that, when comparing home building options with similar quality and customization levels, the cost is very similar.

Custom-built homes, by their very nature, are able to be completely customized to the buyer’s wishes. There is no limited menu of customizable options to choose from. Rather, your new home will be exclusively of your own design and vision, and you can ensure that its functionality will meet your needs. Curt Hofer & Associates will assist you in designing your one-of-a-kind custom-built home, or you can bring in your own design, and we can build to your specific requirements.

custom built office


When building a systems-built home, the buyer is not always very involved in the construction process. Systems-built homes are often produced by “production builders,” who may be building hundreds or even thousands of homes each year with similar layouts and designs. This means that the builder may not be able to communicate with the buyer as much and tends to have a more “hands off” approach.

With a custom-built home, the buyer is directly involved in planning and developing nearly every aspect of the home. Building a custom-built home is no small project, and it requires a time commitment from the buyer. At Curt Hofer & Associates, we can give each home and buyer the dedicated, personalized service they deserve.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a custom-built home will allow you to ensure that the home meets your quality and functionality requirements. Are you ready to start building your #someday? Contact us today so that we can make it happen!