Aug 19, 2016

A Simple Guide to Custom-Built Bathrooms

All bathrooms are not created equal. And knowing what bathroom you want in your custom-built home involves a bit of education on the types of bathrooms possible.

powder bath roomThe Half bath or “Powder room”

The most common bathroom type in larger homes is the half bath, or “Powder Room”.

The powder room or half bath includes a sink and toilet only, and often times it is located on the main floor near the mudroom, an entryway, or the kitchen. Curt Hofer & Associates has designed custom-built homes with two of these bathrooms; The Design Team refers to the main as the powder room and the second as the half bath.

Some of our clients have requested powder rooms as guest baths–for guests who only plan on staying overnight and may not need a tub or shower. Often times, however, this is personal preference.

The Hall Bath

A hall bath is exactly as it sounds: it’s typically a full bath (tub included) that one would enter from the hallway and is located near several secondary bedrooms. It is common to confuse the hall bath with other types of bathrooms often associated with secondary bedrooms.

Hollywood bath / Brady Bunch bath

Hollywood baths have a common vanity space with direct entrance from 2 bedrooms, but each bedroom has its own toilet and tub in a separate room. Some will refer to the Hollywood bath as a Brady Bunch bath, akin to the 1970s TV show with the same name. While you could see the shower in the Brady Bunch show, you never saw the toilet (which we would assume was in a separate room).

Jack and Jill bath

Jack and Jill baths are a bit more difficult to design, but nevertheless we’ve built a few over the years. Typically, the only access to a Jack and Jill bath is from the bedrooms only. Each bedroom has its own private vanity spaces but share a tub and stool.

Guest bathrooms / 3/4 baths

Many of the guest bathrooms we’ve built are designed as suites so that the guest room has its own guest bathroom. The current trend we’re seeing in high-end custom-built homes is the desire for every bedroom to have its own private bath. Many of these homeowners expect to be in their homes for awhile. Since their children are often older, these special amenities can entice them to stay and they have their own separate bathroom.

master bath, custom built homesMaster bath

The wonderful thing about a master bath is that it can be whatever the client wants! More often than not are two sinks and a separate room for the toilet. But beyond that, the differences are more common.

For example, the traditional tub.

Many custom-built homes have tubs in the master bath. The type of tub varies–soaking, jetting, free standing, etc.–and the bathroom is usually designed around it.

As for the shower, full tile is a top design trend amongst our clients. Sometimes, the showers are designed without doors, but homeowners can add a door later if they decide it’s too drafty for their personal preference–which depends on how large the shower is. Steam showers are also being requested more, but they need to be fully enclosed.

master bath tub, shower

Pool / Lake / locker room Baths

We’ve built a variety of baths for a variety of purposes, amongst them pool, lake, and locker room baths. These usually consist of a private sink area, a private room with the toilet, sometimes a shower, and a place to dress that usually includes a bench in its own room. These types of baths typically have lots of private areas.

pool bathroom example

Final thoughts

Most of our custom-built home baths come down to the distinct wants and needs of the client. Making our clients’ #someday dreams a reality is what we do. When you’re ready, we’ll help you make your #someday today: 402-758-0440.