Aug 20, 2014

Modern Lake Home


Welcome to the Modern Lake Home!

These clients wanted a custom lake home that currently serves as a vacation/weekend home with the intent of it being a permanent residence in the future. Therefore, they envisioned something more modern that would stand the test of time. She had two important requests:

  1. As people approach front door, she wanted to see through the home and see the lake from the front door.
  2. She wanted a sun room. Since this wasn’t possible with their other requests, we designed the sun room right into the kitchen–you’ll see this in the built-in seating/bench in the photos!

In working with these clients, Marshall had to design a vacation home that could also turn into a permanent residence for the family in the future. The lot is unique in that it has a smaller front area that opens into a large lake shore in the back. Because of this, windows are fully utilized on the lake-facing areas of the home. This home also looks like a ranch, but it’s actually a 1 1/2 story! There is a bedroom suite upstairs and another behind the kitchen, adding to the total of 5 bedroom suites. The exquisite master bath has a dual entry, which is also the focal point upon entering the master bedroom–you can see the bath from the hallway.

As with all Curt Hofer & Associates custom-built homes, this design utilizes custom, on-site woodwork to define spaces. Throughout the home you’ll find cherry wood with different finishes, as well as walnut with a natural finish beneath the TV on the main floor.


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