Jun 13, 2014

Modern Farmhouse


Welcome to the Modern Farmhouse!

This house was originally built as a spec house for the Street of Dreams in 2008. The concept was from an idea that Marshall had worked up several years prior for another client, but the client decided to go a different direction. So Curt Hofer & Associates began building the Modern Farmhouse in November 2007; Street of Dreams 2008 was in July–just 9 months later! During the building process, we had another client who wanted this very same house, so this home was sold before Street of Dreams opened. It also brought national awards and was highly publicized.

The house was built in Cottonwood Creek on a sizable acreage. Rather than a typical suburban home, Marshall designed the home using more vernacular types of architecture, such as breezeways, porches, and unattached garages. As a show home, it needed that “wow” factor—it needed to be memorable. Not only was the Modern Farmhouse a unique design and one that had not been done before, it still fulfilled the neighborhood covenants.

Marshall envisioned the layout as a country farmhouse with a modern twist. He was inspired by the book Homes in the Heartland: Balloon Frame Farmhouses of the Upper Midwest by Fred W. Peterson. In a farmhouse, the size and function are considered most important. Historically, the more ornate the farmhouse, the more money it signified a farming family had. Marshall kept both in mind–the plumbing fixtures were functional, clean, and modern, but the overall farmhouse design was not frilly or overdone.

The trusses in the house were reclaimed from the old Butternut building that had recently burned down (this was in 2004). The client who bought the Modern Farmhouse had an interesting tie to these trusses—his first job was at that Butternut building. The shiplap, or horizontal wood, is also used inside the house.

The paint colors were inspired by natural elements. Marshall’s vision was a white outside with black window frames–keeping true to the traditional farmhouse. Interiors Joan & Associates completed the interior design. When Marshall initially pitched the Modern Farmhouse to them, they were a bit taken aback. After Marshall explained that he wanted the home to be inspired–not just doilies and lace–they loved it and went full steam ahead.

Outside, the landscaping focus was natural grasses and grove trees. Two feet of sod was laid along the driveway, and all natural grasses were planted from there.  Grove trees were situated so that they would eventually cover the drive. The porch has double wooden swings and a modern interpretation of simple metal rails. Stone elements were brought in for the stone walls that make up the front courtyard, which leads to the garden shed on the side of the house.


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