Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Curt Hofer & Associates isn’t just a highly-respected custom home builder–we are also a valued home remodeling contractor in the Omaha metro area. Our 20+ years of vast experience in designing and building high-end custom homes and remodeling existing homes make us uniquely qualified for your renovation or addition project.

What if we didn’t build our home with Curt Hofer & Associates?

No problem–we will remodel your home regardless of whether you built with us or not!

We’re able to see the strengths of existing structures and the truly transformative potential that renovation brings to your home. The best part is how we ensure the transition from your existing home to the new renovation or addition is seamlessly fluid.

Minimizing interruption to your life

Let’s be honest: there is really no way to escape the impact a renovation or addition will have on you and your household. However, our proven practices and experiences ensure our projects progress as planned at a set and agreed upon timeline. In the event you decide to relocate during your renovation, rest assured that you are always welcome and encouraged to stop by your home to review the progress.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us to learn more about how our unique remodeling, design, and construction process works.

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