May 30, 2016

Kitchen cabinets: painted vs. stained

While we sat down to brainstorm the “Custom-built kitchens of yesterday, today, and tomorrow” blog, we made an interesting realization about the current homes we’re either designing, constructing, or have very recently built: painted cabinets are “it” right now!

painted kitchen cabinets

Out of the last 12 homes we’ve done or are working on, 10 of them wanted painted cabinets; 2 wanted stained. Colors are fairly consistent–fresh white, cream, or gray. Well-done white kitchens can stay in style–only if light fixtures, countertops, and appliances are chosen to be timeless and stand the test of design trends. Design trends run about 10 years in the building industry and15 years on the consumer side–especially colors. If things are done well architecturally, your kitchen color choices can last well beyond and still be something you can love.

Gray has been around about 5 to 8 years; it has only caught on to the general public in the last 2 to 3 years! Gray is a very classic color. Be very careful on the use of gray–it will date itself if over-used. Use it appropriately!

white and gray kitchens

Painted trim seems to be more popular than stained right now. This is mainly because on a national level, products people put into homes now are composite and you have to paint it. Furthermore, stained trim and cabinets are typically more expensive than painted trim and cabinets.

Painted and stained: the best of both worlds?

painted cabinets, stained cabinets

An interesting contrast in kitchen cabinetry is combining both stained and painted woodwork. The key in presentation on this type of combination is matching flooring with both painted and stained cabinets, along with trim and countertops.

What is a popular wood in the Omaha market?

Birch is an Omaha thing–it’s not used very much in other markets.

What’s different with how Curt Hofer & Associates designs its cabinets?

Omaha is fortunate in that it has a plethora of custom cabinetry shops. Curt Hofer & Associates is proud to say that we completely custom build all our own cabinets. Furthermore, we construct on site. We site finish everything — rarely do we ever install pre-finished cabinetry. The benefits of custom building cabinetry on site is that it’s easier to match color and stain this way…and it’s overall more a more effective use of time and space in a custom-built kitchen.

What do you prefer?

If you were to build a home today, what would you do? Share with us in the comments below!