Feb 29, 2016

The home office of today’s custom built home

Having been an Omaha custom home builder for decades, we here at Curt Hofer & Associates have built a variety of homes with what’s traditionally referred to as a home office. While some of our clients don’t want a home office at all, others are incorporating two–his and hers. Regardless of office preference, it all starts with listening to a client’s needs about their #someday home.


traditional home library design

street of dreams, studyThe library, according to the Design Team, is kind of a lost room these days–many people don’t collect books en masse like they used to anymore. While some of our clients want their office to feel like a library, it’s not in the traditional sense of shelf after shelf. Historically, home libraries were personal, a place to read and relax and lose oneself in a story. The onset of technology and ebooks has changed that. It is still a place where people keep their “media” of the day–it’s just the media that has changed. Book printers are printing collector’s edition hardcover books, and we still need a place to store and display them. eBooks are on tablets and smartphones…but no matter the format, people still want a place to enjoy their media. Today’s home libraries will have seating areas for media enjoyment, and may have a desk to store ebooks as well.


The study does actually differ from a traditional home office. This is a room that may or may not have a TV but has a place to read and/or study. A study is often geared toward relaxing or doing very light work. A study is also a room where you would have people over for a conversation.omaha custom built homes, study

Home office.

The home office is commonly known as a place to pay the bills, to store a printer and office supplies and paper. It’s a place for working from home, where the computer is located, has storage space like filing cabinets and drawers, and is often times dedicated to one or two people (usually parents). Some desire for it to be a more secluded location, with a door to close it off for privacy. When we meet with our clients about their custom built home’s needs, The Design Team always talks with them about what they want to do in their office. In some cases, clients just want a place to display their guitar collection.

custom built home office

In the above images, this client’s office was built to be a traditional office–a place to pay bills and to meet with people as necessary. The walnut paneling at the top was custom built on site by one of our carpenters; the credenza, desk, and bookcases were all custom built by our trusted partner Apex Cabinetry. This office also provides hidden access to the printer, file storage, and so on.

custom built home office, woman's home office

This is the “hers” of a his-and-hers office in one of our custom built homes. Since we knew the placement of the office, she decided upon a large window seat for the view. This contemporary office includes hand-painted wallpaper by Vahallan with lots of textures and colors. The hidden filing drawers blend in and the printer is hidden in the armoire.

kitchen office, custom built homes

When clients don’t want a home office, they still need a place to store all of these office-type things (because who wants that on the kitchen counter?). This particular “office” was designed into the pantry. The clients’ landline phone was placed here, the counter tops are made of reclaimed wood, many of their kitchen appliances can be hidden here, the desk faces the window, and it serves the overall needs that the client had.

Custom-built originals.

Curt Hofer & Associates isn’t here to tell you what you want in your home–we simply help make your #someday a reality. If you want his-and-hers office spaces and a study nook for the children, we can help make it happen. Ultimately, it’s about listening to what you want and having the experience and knowledge to make your dreams come true with an original custom-built home. Visit our Portfolio for more examples of what we’ve helped other clients build!

Today's custom built home office