Jan 9, 2017

Custom-built Laundry Rooms and Service Entries

A laundry room is no longer just a place to do laundry. Today, laundry rooms are often times incorporated with service entries and workrooms, making better use of cabinet and countertop space and allowing for additional storage in the house. No matter what you want from your laundry room, Curt Hofer & Associates will help design the highest quality custom-built laundry rooms and service entries to fit all of your needs.

Workroom/Laundry Room Combinations

A popular trend in laundry room design is to incorporate workrooms into them. These rooms have a workstation with a computer and chair, in addition to the normal laundry room accoutrements, such as drying racks and places for baskets and/or hampers. Often, these types of laundry rooms will also have windows to allow natural light into the room. Using colors–such as the blue workroom in our Vintage Gables home–allows the space to become welcoming, a place you want to spend time. We have designed several variations of the workroom-laundry room combination:

omaha custom built laundry room

Laundry Room with Built-in Storage

Another laundry room trend is to include storage space in the laundry room. Cabinets allow homeowners to house crafts and supplies, while the ample counter space provides a place for kids’ projects to dry.  If the house doesn’t have a separate broom or utility closet, the laundry room is a perfect place for that as well. The counter space also gives the homeowner a place to separate and fold laundry. Center islands are becoming more popular, as they can provide additional cabinet and counter space.

custom built laundry room ideas

Laundry Rooms with PET SPACES

We have even built pet spaces into laundry room as well, with built-in food and water bowls. Don’t forget about the dog shower, either!

dog shower

Children’s Laundry Rooms

Sometimes, one laundry room just isn’t enough. In these cases, homeowners may opt for a second “kids” laundry room, such as the one below. These laundry rooms may be located near the children’s bedrooms or bathrooms for the sake of convenience. Sinks are common in most laundry rooms, but are especially important in the kids’ laundry room as a space for soaking grass- or paint-stained clothing. Cubby spaces allow children easy access to their own storage space.

Service Entries

Laundry rooms commonly double as service entries as well. These rooms are designed with cabinet space dedicated to storing shoes and coats. As a homeowner’s everyday entrance, service entries need to be welcoming and functional. At Curt Hofer & Associates, we are dedicated to quality cabinetry and finishes, so you don’t have to feel the need to “hide” your laundry room. When you walk in that service entry door, you know you have come home.


service entry room

Final Thoughts

What do you need from your laundry room? Whether you need a workroom, a space for storage, or a service entry/laundry room combination, Curt Hofer & Associates can help you design the perfect laundry room to fit your dream. Contact us today so we can make your #someday a reality!