May 25, 2016

Custom-built kitchens of yesterday, today, and tomorrow

From what we’re observing and experiencing, gone are the closed-off kitchens and dining rooms of yesteryear. Today’s custom-built homes have kitchens that are taking center stage–very open. People no longer mind being in the kitchen and living room–clients are wanting them designed as one big room.

omaha custom built home, kitchen

Kitchen desks make a comeback

The trend of a desk built into the kitchen comes and goes, but it ultimately comes down to the clients’ preference. Some families are working more from home and want a traditional office. Other families want their children to be able to work on their schoolwork in the kitchen or to have a place for a printer or paying bills. We’re also fulfilling requests for more standing-type desks in kitchens–the thought is a place for an iPad or other tablet for recipes, etc. We’ve even built desks into laundry rooms as a pocket-type of office solution to keep near the kitchen!

kitchen office, custom built homes

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands continue to “be all the rage” in today’s custom-built home. Because many are choosing to minimize their upper cabinet space, there is a need for a more functional and creative storage space in the island. We don’t see many requests for u-shaped kitchens wrapped with lots of upper cabinetry. This means that everything designed below the countertops needs to be accommodated much differently. This also puts further emphasis on the pantry as well as the base cabinets.

minimal upper shelving, kitchens

Open shelving

We’re seeing open shelving requests rise in popularity. Ultimately, this is a personal preference and heavily relies upon other storage options, as well as what will be displayed.

open shelves, custom built kitchen

Appliance integration

We see a mix of requests for fully-integrated appliances (i.e. those that “blend” with the woodwork. For those who desire a more traditional kitchen with stained woodwork, they opt for refrigerators that are also covered in a matching wood. Most homes we design also have double ovens. Regardless of whether clients opt for a cooktop with an oven below–they also choose to have an additional, separate oven off to the side.

open custom built kitchen

Final thoughts.

The sign of a well-designed kitchen is one where guests congregate during gatherings. The open design of today’s kitchens makes gatherings all the more important and enjoyable–and many of our clients are designing homes with this in mind.

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