Oct 11, 2016

Your custom-built entertainment room

Whether you want to entertain others or have a place to relax more intimately, knowing what you want in an entertainment room is essential to designing your custom-built home. Determining what the room’s purpose will be allows you to choose the features that are right for you.


If your goal is to use the entertainment room to host gatherings and parties, you may want a bar. We have seen two trends in bar designs recently. First, some clients want a bar designed for someone to stand and serve. Some clients hire bartenders and caterers for their events, and they want a layout that is conducive to serving. The second trend in bar designs is the bar designed to evoke conversation and allow people to gather around to converse more easily. No one necessarily serves–it’s more of a “help yourself” atmosphere. We have designed bars in unique shapes such as circular or horseshoe shapes for this purpose, creating a more intimate environment.

custom built bar


Gone are the days of tube televisions being built into the architecture, like this:

entertainment room ideas

While televisions are often still the focal point of a room—especially when you host game day parties–we now design entertainment cabinets around the television or hang the televisions above credenzas.

custom built home

If you want to have your television above a fireplace, you can count on Curt Hofer & Associates to protect your investment. Many clients request this placement; we have practical experience and are able to carefully consider distances and design a mantel that will deflect the heat, so it doesn’t ruin the television (or painting!) above it.

Media Room vs. Theaters

Do you want a place to watch movies or television with friends and family? Then you may want to consider either a media room or a theater.

Both rooms generally contain a large, flat-screen television with surround sound. The main difference between the two is that a media room has windows with room-darkening shades, whereas the theater room has no windows—just like you would see in an actual theater. The media room may not have the theater-style seating as well, so it can act as more of an enhanced family room.

home theater ideas

Different Needs

Your needs for an entertainment room vary based on your family and your stage in life. If your kids have grown, maybe you don’t use your downstairs as often. If this is your second or third custom-built home, you may have experimented with different features and now want to optimize your use of the space. Perhaps you don’t want a bar but would like guest rooms so the grandkids have a place to stay.

Or, perhaps you are now able to be home more and enjoy the entertainment spaces as a gathering spot. The basement bar may go away completely, or it could be made more casual. Pub-style tables and modern-day islands allow everyone to gather around and chat.

game room ideas

We have designed many entertainment rooms with game tables. Some of our clients add interesting conversation pieces, such as columns with colored glass designs. Whatever your needs, we can design your ideal custom-built entertainment room.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to have a more traditional, formal entertainment room or decide to maintain a casual, conversational air, we are here to make your #someday dreams a reality. Is your #someday today? Contact us so that we can help make it happen!