custom built homes
Dec 8, 2015

6 benefits of custom built homes

As many begin considering a move to a forever home, careful consideration about what that home will look like needs to take place. Do we purchase an existing home and go through the process of looking…
custom built home, omaha
Jun 15, 2015

To stay or not to stay: custom built homes

Being a premier Omaha custom home builder means that we understand our clients’ custom built homes needs when it comes to building a “forever home.” To have the title “Builder for Life”…
omaha garage ideas
Feb 5, 2014

Lipstick on the Garage

We’ve all heard the phrase “€œlipstick on a pig”€, right? Well, in the world of residential architectural design, how do you…umm…make a garage (especially the big ones) fit in proportionally with the…
architectural language, omaha home builders
Nov 3, 2013

Architectural Language

When I first had the idea to write about exterior materials, I thought I could keep it “short and sweet”–I was wrong. I found that I had way too many things to…
the screened porch
Oct 7, 2013

Outdoor Living Spaces

Autumn in Nebraska is by far my favorite time of the year. With the weather patterns desirable (well, for Nebraska, that is!), some days it can be warm, other days moist and…
color matches architecture
Jul 29, 2013

Where the heck is all the color?

Where the heck is all the color? I enjoy many things about my career as an Architectural Designer; one of my most favorite is the study of different residential architectural forms: historical,…