custom built office
Nov 29, 2016

Systems-Built vs. Custom-Built Homes

Systems-built homes are one type of what’s commonly known as pre-fabricated homes. The term “pre-fabricated” can describe many different types of homes that are manufactured in a controlled environment. At one end…
custom built entertainment room, omaha
Oct 11, 2016

Your custom-built entertainment room

Whether you want to entertain others or have a place to relax more intimately, knowing what you want in an entertainment room is essential to designing your custom-built home. Determining what the…
custom built bathrooms, omaha home builder
Aug 19, 2016

A Simple Guide to Custom-Built Bathrooms

All bathrooms are not created equal. And knowing what bathroom you want in your custom-built home involves a bit of education on the types of bathrooms possible.
stained vs painted kitchen cabinets
May 30, 2016

Kitchen cabinets: painted vs. stained

While we sat down to brainstorm the “Custom-built kitchens of yesterday, today, and tomorrow” blog, we made an interesting realization about the current homes we’re either designing, constructing, or have very recently built:…
modern entryway, omaha custom home builder
Apr 4, 2016

The modern day home entryway

The modern day custom-built home entryway is in constant flux from an architectural design standpoint. Fundamentally, it’s the space that separates the front exterior of the house from the interior. But how…
ways to store christmas decorations
Jan 11, 2016

4 Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

With Christmas behind us, it’s time to start taking down the decorations for the season. If you’re not ready to fight the crowds again to purchase Christmas-specific storage containers, you can use…