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Partner Spotlight:
Interiors Joan and Associates

We are fortunate to call Interiors Joan and Associates one of our partners!

About Interiors Joan and Associates

Interiors Joan and Associates is an interior design firm that has been offering clients in the Eastern Nebraska area and beyond timeless design solutions for over 50 years. They strive to provide their clients with the latest in furnishings for the home or office, specializing in custom ordered furniture, window treatments, unique artwork, and accessories.

The firm’s current owners, Nancy Pesavento and Diane Gernstein, have built a team of fourteen designers and worked together with meticulous care to develop the company into what it is today: an established, professional interior design firm, dedicated to quality, service, and improving the client’s sense of well being through design.

What sets Interiors Joan and ASsociates apart

Interiors Joan and Associates sets themselves apart in this industry by boasting award winning designs, outstanding customer service, and a phenomenal clientele base built primarily upon referrals. Their business procedures are professional, their designers offer excellent service and expertise, and their product offerings include the best in the furniture and home design industry.

What to expect when working with Interiors Joan and Associates

Working with Interiors Joan and Associates is a comfortable, enjoyable experience. Building or renovating a home can become a stressful process, laden with decision making…often times, these decisions carry ramifications in the way they affect how clients will live in their home for years to come. It is Interiors Joan and Associates designers’ job to take this process and make it enjoyable for the client and seamless for their industry partners and builders. They like to have an initial meeting with their clients, to show them their studio and get a feel for the scope of the project.  Often times, Interiors Joan and Associates will need to conduct on-site visits to check colors and space layouts. They make selections based on clients’ needs and budgets, and they work carefully to choose things that will give clients a look and a feel while still functioning at top performance to fit their lifestyle. Interiors Joan and Associates never push their own design style on a client; they believe this is the client’s home and budget, and they are there to help the client get the most from the experience and to save precious time and dollars by avoiding mistakes. Interiors Joan and Associates are here to give clients quality, service, value, variety, and style.

Why Interiors Joan and Associates partners with Curt Hofer & Associates

“Interiors Joan and Associates designers have worked with Curt Hofer & Associates for years and years! We have worked together to build each other’s businesses in how we partner on projects and refer clients when appropriate. Curt Hofer and Associates has a professional, organized business model that matches our clients’ needs, providing them with top notch craftsmen and quality workmanship. When we select an industry partner and entrust them with our own clients’ needs, we choose quality people…and Curt Hofer & Associates is one of the best.” -Interiors Joan and Associates

One of Interiors Joan and Associates’ most memorable Curt Hofer & Associates projects

“How could we possibly choose a favorite from the countless projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on together? The most memorable projects are the many Street of Dreams homes we completed together and the amazing exposure and business growth those opportunities afforded us. Our favorite is probably looking at where both of our firms are now and thinking about the path we’ve taken to get here…together. A path that is packed with memories and blessings beyond belief, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to continue to grow…together still.” -Interiors Joan and Associates