Jan 11, 2016

4 Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

With Christmas behind us, it’s time to start taking down the decorations for the season. If you’re not ready to fight the crowds again to purchase Christmas-specific storage containers, you can use things from around the house to store those Christmas decorations!

1. Use egg cartons to hold breakable ornaments

ways to store christmas ornaments

If they are good enough for your eggs, then they are good enough for your breakable ornaments! The egg cartons with lids are quite handy lids and easier to stack, too. You can organize them by type, color, and so on. Use a Sharpie to label the outside for easy accessibility next season, too!


2. Use coffee filters to wrap more fragile ornaments

christmas ornament storage ideas

Tissue paper can be a bit spendy, and you need to cut or tear it to size it properly. Using newspaper works, too, but it’s a bit messy…and the ink from the newspaper can ruin your cherished ornaments. Instead, wrap your Christmas ornaments in coffee filters. The shape of coffee filters is just right for most any size and shaped ornament, and a bit of Scotch tape helps secure the opening. And better yet: they are reusable!


3. Use SHOE BOXES to store Christmas lights

christmas decoration storage ideas

Shoe boxes always seem to come in handy for storage solutions–from storing your decorations to storing your lights! Simply wrap your lights around the shoe box lid, and then stand up the lid inside the shoe box opposite corner to opposite corner. From there, you can place the shoe boxes in large plastic storage containers, or you can use an old towel to cover the lights to keep off the dust.


4. Store wrapping paper in tall, decorative containers.

christmas storage ideas

Have a few tall pots lying around that you aren’t using? Clean them up and use them to store your wrapping paper! The tapered lid allows them to fan out so you can easily find the paper you’re looking for.


Final Thoughts.

When building your next custom home, overall storage solutions should be an integral part of the design process. From Christmas decorations to garage storage and more, we know that these fine details need to be addressed during the custom home planning process. To learn more about Curt Hofer & Associates custom home building process, visit Our Process page!