Jun 15, 2015

To stay or not to stay: custom built homes

Being a premier Omaha custom home builder means that we understand our clients’ custom built homes needs when it comes to building a “forever home.” To have the title “Builder for Life” means we not only have to understand our clients’ current needs, but those needs that go into the future as well.

So how do you make your home a forever home? Here are a few things to consider before deciding that you need to stay put or that building a larger, custom built home is the right option.

custom built home, omaha1. Have you outgrown your current home?

This can be a tough question to answer. Consider if you have enough room for your needs. Do you have more children than bedrooms? Do you want to have a guest room for when company visits? How much do you entertain—and is that space adequate? We think that space is a major factor when starting to consider a new home. If your current home isn’t designed to let you add, then buying or building a new home might be the only option. But if the space is adequate, perhaps the home needs a renovation instead.

2. Does your space work…but just not as well?

Sometimes you have the space, but it just isn’t doing what you want it to do. In that case, a remodel or renovation might be the right move. Curt Hofer & Associates have worked with several clients to renovate their custom built home—for one reason or another. Perhaps a basement living area might be better served with a kitchenette or wet bar. Sometimes a patio isn’t large enough and needs space reconsiderations. Even if Curt Hofer & Associates didn’t custom build your home, we can work with you to make necessary renovations and keep your home a forever home.

3. How do your family changes impact your outdoor spaces?

After 5 years of living in your custom built home, perhaps you need a pool or basketball court for your growing family. While on the surface these additions might seem cut-and-dry, having them fit the current ambiance of your home might prove challenging to traditional pool installers. Curt Hofer & Associates works with your custom home’s theme to make your additions fit seamlessly. We consider landscaping needs, privacy, and your vision for what these additions to your home will mean. If you need inspiration, visit our Houzz page!

Just because your needs have changed doesn’t always mean your entire home has to change. But either way—Curt Hofer & Associates wants to be your Builder for Life. Contact us today to discuss your custom home needs.